Parallel Session E 10 July 2021

International Schumpeter Conference
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All parallel sessions will be held online using Cisco WebEx. Each session can be accessed by clicking the active Cisco WebEx link you can find under below each session’s title.
Each Cisco WebEx connection will be opened 30 minutes before the start of the corresponding session.

Some technical information:
a) It is possible to share presentations.
b) Should you wish to share your presentation, please transform the corresponding file to PDF.
c) Pleased do not use any animations or videos as this can affect the presentation’s delivery online.
d) Should you use MAC systems, please ensure you install the appropriate Cisco WebEx plugin.
e) Please keep your microphone off during presentations, except when you ask questions.It is highly recommended that you turn off your webcam when you are not presenting.

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Saturday 10 July 2021 – 10:10-11:50 (Italian Time) Parallel Session E


PandemicsChair: Beniamino Callegari (355)

1. Long-run Equilibrium in the Context of COVID;19 Pandemic – 295 Authors: Agnieszka Lipieta ; Artur Lipieta

2. Pandemics and development: towards an evolutionary approach – 355
Authors: Beniamino Callegari; Christophe Feder

3. Economic Policies and Health Outcomes under Covid;19: A microsimulation analysis – 384
Author: Erol Taymaz


Effects of IPR on InnovationChair: Elisa Palagi (332)

1. From Knowledge Flow to Technical Signals: Patent Citations as Signals of Technical Interactions – 276
Authors: Guillermo Ruiz;Pava ; Giorgio Triulzi ; Chris L. Magee

2. The role of Inventors Networks and Variety for Breakthrough Inventions. A USPTO Patent Study in Italy from 1972-2011 – 284
Author: Francesco Capone; Niccolo Innocenti; Sergio Petralia and Luciana Lazzeretti Paper:

3. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Results from an Evolutionary Model of the Pharmaceutical Industry – 332
Authors: Elisa Palagi; Giovanni Dosi ; Andrea Roventini ; Emanuele Russo

4. Empirical Calibration of p-values in Patent Analysis – 436
Authors: Stephan Bruns; Martin Kalthaus; Johannes König

Social and Profitability Effects of IPR – Chair:

1. Loans Secured by Patents and their Consequences on Patent Trolling and Innovation – 422
Author: Julien Pénin

2. Beyond Patents: Exploring the Impact and Societal Value of Technology Transfer Offices – 486
Author: Antoine Port

3. Overcoming Inefficiencies of Patent Licensing: a Method to Assess Patent’s Essentiality for Technical Standards – 489
Authors: R Bekkers ; E M Tur ; J Henkel ; T vd Vorst ; M Driesse ; J L Contreras


Evidence from Countries and RegionsChair: Michael Fritsch (399)

1. The Legacy of a Socialist Innovation System: Surprising Insights from a long-term Perspective in East Germany – 399
Authors: Michael Fritsch, Maria Greve

2. The Made in China 2025 Amid Hyper-globalization: Upgrading, Intangible Assets and Internationalization Strategies – 406
Authors: Marilia Bassetti Marcato

3. Does Mission-Oriented Funding Stimulate Private R&D? Evidence from Military R&D for US States – 321
Author: Emanuele Russo

4. Smart Specialisation Strategies in four Central European Countries: Policy Stances, Practice and Likely Impacts – 493
Author: Attila Havas

5. Uneven Firms’ Innovation Persistence: Policy Mix Implications from Uruguay – 502
Authors: Maximiliando Machado; Carlos Bianchi


Public Enhancement of InnovationChair: Andrea Filippetti (473)

1. Quality of Government Programs, heterogeneous finance & ownership: Global empirical evidence of innovative SMEs – 464
Authors: Stephen Kehinde Medase ; Laura Barasa ; Erika Kraemer-Mbula

2. The Political Economy of Public Research, or why some Governments Commit to Research more than Others – 473
Authors: Andrea Filippetti ; Antonio Vezzani

3. Risk Governance in the Implementation of Innovation Policies – 256
Authors: Seweryn Krupnik ; Mercedes Bleda ; Anna Szczucka

4. The Difference Principle and State;led Growth – 303
Author: Lukas Fuchs Paper:


The Governance of AI – II – Chair: Marteen Goos

1. For whom the bell tolls: the effects of automation on wage and gender inequality within firms,
Authors: Giacomo Domini; Marco Grazzi ; Daniele Moschella; Tania Treibich

2. The rise of privatised social and employment protection in the platform economy: evidence from the UK courier sector,
Authors: Steven Rolf; Jacqueline O’Reilly

3. Artificial Intelligence Work and Market Power on Online Labour Markets

Authors: Néstor Duch-Brown; Estrella Gomez-Herrera; Frank Mueller-Langer; Songül Tolan

4. The anatomy of the AI innovating sector in Europe
Authors: Francesco Venturini ; Ioana Igna Paper:

5. Governance of Data Sharing: A Law & Economics Proposal
Authors: Inge Graef; Jens Prufer Paper: