Parallel Session E 10 July 2021

International Schumpeter Conference
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All parallel sessions will be held online using Cisco WebEx. Each session can be accessed by clicking the active Cisco WebEx link you can find below each session’s title.
Each Cisco WebEx connection will be opened 30 minutes before the start of the corresponding session.

Some technical information:
a) It is possible to share presentations.
b) Should you wish to share your presentation, please convert the corresponding file to PDF.
c) Please do not use any animations or videos as this can affect the presentation’s delivery online.
d) Should you use MAC systems, please ensure you install the appropriate Cisco WebEx plugin.
e) Please keep your microphone off during presentations, except when you ask questions. It is highly recommended that you turn off your webcam when you are not presenting.

For any specific information, contact:

Saturday 10 July 2021 – 12:10-13:50 (Italian Time) Parallel Session E


ICT and Industry 4.0Chair: Mattia Pedota (305)

1. Technology Adoption and Competence Upgrade in the Wake of Industry 4.0 – 305
Authors: Mattia Pedota; Luca Grilli; Lucia Piscitello

2. ICT’s Wide Web: a System;Level Analysis of ICT’s Industrial Diffusion with Algorithmic Links – 313
Author: Ekaterina Prytkova

3. Measuring Innovation in Emerging Countries with Unsupervised Machine Learning – an Explorative Analysis of the ICT Sector in Mauritius using Web Mining and Topic Modeling – 376
Authors: Moritz Böhmecke; Schwafert; Colin Dörries

4. Health and Technologies 4.0 for Digital Transformation in Mexican Health Sector – 09
Authors: Lorena del Carmen Álvarez; Castañón ; Carlos Villaseñor; Mora ; Marco Antonio Contreras; Cruz

5. Windows of Digital Opportunities across Emerging Economies: a Digital Capability Framework and Deep;Dives on Product, Process and Service Innovation in South Africa – 461
Authors: Guendalina Anzolin ; Antonio Andreoni


Digitalisation and PerformanceChair: Hugo Confraria (351)

1. Exploring the Factors influencing Crowdfunding Projects: an Empirical Analysis of 3D Printing Projects – 310
Authors: Chong Yu ; Koichiro Okamura

2. Do not judge a Business Idea by its Cover: a Machine learning Approach to retrieve the Impact of Innovative and Non-Innovative Business Idea Content on their Incorporation Success – 320
Authors: Jessica Birkholz

3. Emerging 21st Century Technologies: Is Europe Falling Behind? – 351
Authors: Hugo Confraria ; Vitor Hugo Ferreira ; Manuel Mira Godinho

4. Technological Inequality of the Russian High-Tech manufacturing Firms: a Challenge for Digital Transformation? – 364
Author: Vitaliy Roud

5. Benefits of Investing into the Development of Fourth Industrial Revolution Related Technologies – 452
Authors: Markus Trunschke; Bettina Peters


Determinants and Effects of DigitalisationChair: Serenella Caravella (368)

1. Digitization and the Evolution of Money as a Social Technology of Account – 275
Author: Michael Peneder

2. The Digitization of Economic Research: an Investigation into the Applicability of Machine Learning for Literature Analysis – 329
Author: Frank Hofmann Paper:

3. The Early and the Late Birds: Propensity and Speed of Regions to initiate R&D Activities towards E-Mobility – 371
Authors: Patrick Wolf ; Muhamed Kudic ; Tobias Buchmann

4. Digitalization and Industrial Transformation – 381
Authors: Magnus Holmén ; Rögnvaldur Saemundsson

5. Digital Skill and Productivity Performances: a Comparison across EU Regions – 368 Author: Serena Caravella


Robotics and AutomationChair: Ingrid Ott (481)

1. Robot Adoption at German Plants – 330
Authors: Liuchun Deng ; Verena Plümpe ; Jens Stegmaier

2. Effects of Technological Change and Automation on Industry Structure and (Wage) Inequality: Insights from a Dynamic Task-Based Model – 396
Authors: Herbert Dawid ; Michael Neugart

3. Diffusion of Industrial Robotics and Inclusive Growth: Labour Market Evidence from cross Country Data – 469
Authors: Xiaoqing (Maggie) Fu; Qun Bao; Hongjun Xie; Xiaolan

4. Tracing the Evolution of Service Robotics: Insights from a Topic Modeling Approach – 481
Author: Ingrid Ott

5. An Empirical Study of Creative Destruction in Robotics – 484
Authors: Andrew Morriss ; Andrew Torrance


Sectoral patterns of innovation and the evolution of industrial structure (PhD students Scuola Sant’Anna and INET special session)Chair: Julia Mazzei

1. Rails and Innovation: Evidence from China,
Author: Georgios Tsiachtsiras
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

2. How does innovation take place in the mining industry? Understanding the logic behind innovation in a changing context
Author: Beatriz Calzada Olvera

3. Drivers for technology adoption: evidence along the automotive value chain in South Africa
Author: Guendalina Anzolin

4. Exploring labor market transitions in Europe in light of technological change,
Author: Florencia Jaccoud

Book Presentation: How Capitalism Destroyed Itself – Chair: William Kingsto