Parallel Session B 8 July 2021

International Schumpeter Conference
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All parallel sessions will be held online using Cisco WebEx. Each session can be accessed by clicking the active Cisco WebEx link you can find below each session’s title.

Each Cisco WebEx connection will be opened 30 minutes before the start of the corresponding session.

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Thursday 8 July 2021 – 15:10-17:00 (Italian Time) Parallel Sessions B

Innovation and Evolution

Technological Evolution: Historical and Philosophical PerspectivesChair: Giorgio Triulzi (445)

1. In Search of a Suitable Heuristic for Evolutionary Economics: from Generalized Darwinism to Economic Self Organisation – 272
Author: John Foster

2. A Multisector Model of Induced Technical Change: Results, Applications, and Comparisons with other ITC models – 432
Author: Luis Daniel Torres;Gonzalez ; Jangho Yang

3. Text-Mining Historical Sources to Trace Technological Evolution: The Case of Mass Production – 375
Author: Frédérique Bone ; Daniele Rotolo

4. Studying the Evolution of the Main Paths of Technology Development by Analyzing Patent Information Centrality – 445
Author: Giorgio Triulzi

Technological Evolution: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses – Chair: Manuel Romagnoli (343)

1. Diversity and innovation in economic evolution – 246
Author: Elżbieta Pliś

2. Barriers as moderators in the innovation process – 285
Authors: Diego Moraes ; Nicholas Vonortas ; André Furtado
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

3. The Joint Effect of Innovation and Marketing on Industry Evolution: A Generalized NK-Approach – 343
Authors: Manuel Romagnoli ; Koen Frenken

4. Structure and dynamics of regional research landscape – 401
Author: Indira Yarullina

5. The production of technological and scientific knowledge in the development of leading technologies: a quantitative analysis – 444
Author: Krzysztof Szczygielski


Technological Evolution: Specific SectorsChair: Matteo Tubiana (407)

1. Technological evolution of industrial fertilizers: the first convergence between Oil industry and agrifood? – 405
Authors: Luis Orozco ; Arnoldo Pirela

2. The knowledge base evolution: the case of lifestyle research in medicine – 407
Authors: Elena Cefis ; Nicola Cornali ; Matteo Tubiana

3. Co-evolution of regulatory institutions and technology in the internet industry: the role of public policy in technological choices – 426
Authors: Vinícius Manhães ; Miguel Vazquez ; Ana Urraca Paper:

4. Case of cocoa industry in Côte d’Ivoire from 1955 to 2015 using The Multi-Level Perspective and the Triple Embeddedness Framework ; 446
Authors: Nabehi Kamna ; Jeeyeon Choi ; Jae;Hwan Park

5. Blockchain is a Platypus: A new theory of rapid technological evolution – 470
Authors: Jason Potts ; Aaron lane ; Primavera De Filippi
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK


EmploymentChair: Fabio Montobbio (315)

1. Robustly Redundant Labor Markets – 260
Author: Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

2. A Theory of Employment Impact Bonds – 270
Author: Anisa Plepi
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

3. Labor-saving technologies and occupational exposure – 315
Authors: Fabio Montobbio ; Jacopo Staccioli ; Maria Enrica Virgillito ; Marco Vivarelli

4. Working from home and the explosion of enduring divides: income, employment and safety risks – 367
Authors: Armanda Cetrulo ; Maria Enrica Virgillito ; Dario Guarascio


AutomationChair: Alina Sorgner (318)

1. Digitalization Impacts on Labor in Different Countries – A New Method with Illustration for Vietnam – 318
Authors: Alina Sorgner ; Frank Fossen ; Francesco Carbonero ; Daniel Samaan ; Ekkehard Ernst

2. Automation and labor market polarization in an evolutionary model with heterogeneous workers – 325
Authors: Bordot Florent ; Lorentz André

3. How digitalization shapes regional labor markets: Evidence from job vacancy data – 449
Authors: Maximilian Goethner ; Martin Kalthaus ; Gandalf Buscher

4. Consequences of Lab Closures: Understanding Worker Mobility, Technological Trajectory and Productivity – 504
Author: Raphael Martins


Institutions and Labour MarketsChair: Corrado Pasquali (383)

1. Oligopsony power in labor market and technology innovation: Evidence from China’s manufacturers – 288
Authors: Jiawu Dai ; Yao Ouyang ; Guanghua Wan

2. Work discipline, control and algorithmic management – 383
Author: Corrado Pasquali

3. Vanishing social classes? Facts and Figures of the Italian Labor market – 421
Authors: Angelica Sbardella ; Maria Enrica Virgillito ; Armanda Cetrulo

4. Wage Formation Regimes and Structural Changes – 457
Author: André Lorentz

Wages – Chair: Tommaso Ciarli (414)

1. Do Innovative Firms Pay Higher Wages? Micro-Level Evidence from Brazil – 243
Author: Antonio Soares Martins Neto

2. For whom the bell tolls: the effects of automation on wage and gender inequality within firms – 326
Authors: Giacomo Domini ; Marco Grazzi ; Daniele Moschella ; Tania Trebich

3. Innovations and Wages and the Evolution of Capitalism – 352
Author: Mariano Alierta
Paper: LINK

4. Do Wages Benefit from Productivity Growth? Evidence from UK Firms and Labour Markets – 414
Authors: Tommaso Ciarli ; Mattia Di Ubaldo ; Maria Savona


Innovation and FinanceChair: Marco Quatrosi (466)

1. Financial Innovations for Sustainable Finance: an Exploratory Research – 466
Author: Marco Quatrosi
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

2. Financial Governance of Innovation, Strategic Investments and State-Led Investment Function – 418
Author: Olga Mikheeva

3. Advance Financing Innovations and Radical Change economic Development – 387
Author: Iurii Bazhal

4. Transformations of Economy with Financial Market – 296
Authors: Agnieszka Lipieta ; Ilona Ćwięczek

5. The Contingent Signaling Effect of Board Capital on Investor Valuation: Evidence from the Japanese Growth Enterprise Market – 280
Author: Tatsuki Tachibana
Paper: LINK

Presentation: LINK

6. Do IPO Firms Keep their Promises? Financial Slack, Post-IPO Innovation Activity, and the Moderating Effect of State Ownership – 278
Authors: Lei Yu ; Masaru Karube ; Daisuke Uchida